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Covid-19: Our protective and hygiene measures

The protective and hygiene measures recommended by FOPH are published and followed in all areas of operation.

General measures

  • Employees receive continued and transparent training on the currently applicable health and safety measures and implement them.
  • All employees wash and disinfect their hands regularly.
  • Shaking hands is avoided, even when it may be difficult.
  • Any employees showing any signs of illness are strictly instructed to stay at home.
  • Protective masks are available and are used in areas where the minimum distance or short contact time cannot be maintained.
  • By deliberately keeping occupancy low, we can ensure sufficient freedom of movement and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • There are hand disinfection stations in all entrance areas as well as in the breakfast and conference area.
  • Magazines, books, flyers, brochures, business cards and pens have been removed from public areas and are available on request.
  • Water dispensers have been removed from public areas. Our guests receive a water bottle and cup as a welcome gift upon arrival.
  • Seating in the reception area, restaurant and seminar rooms ensures the legal minimum distance of 2 metres.
  • The entire building is well ventilated several times a day.
  • Breakfast is provided as a plate service until further notice. Disposable gloves for operating the coffee machine are available.

Measures concerning rooms and cleaning

  • The housekeeping team wears gloves and cleans the public areas at a higher frequency and several times a day. The utensils are disinfected after use and disposed of.
  • The rooms are well ventilated during cleaning.
  • All surfaces in the rooms are carefully and thoroughly disinfected.
  • When the rooms are being professionally cleaned, no objects belonging to guests are to be touched. Particular attention is paid to disinfecting telephone receivers, remote controls, light switches, ventilation controls and door handles.
  • Cleaning is not carried out if a guest is in the room.
  • Articles such as magazines, books, flyers, brochures, business cards and pens have been removed from the hotel rooms and are available on request.
  • Drinking glasses and coffee cups in the rooms have been replaced by disposable cups.
  • For guests who have reserved a room with a minibar: the minibar is empty. Please fetch your drinks and snacks from our shop.

Measures at reception

  • Floor markings and Plexiglas panels facilitate compliance with the minimum distance of 2 metres.
  • Posters remind employees and guests to observe the safety measures.
  • Masks and plastic gloves are always available.
  • The Front Office team informs guests that cashless and contactless payment is preferred.
  • Check-in and check-out can be conducted on a contactless basis.
  • Room keys are first cleaned and disinfected by staff before being passed to the guest.
  • Only persons with a reservation have access to all public areas and floors of the hotel.
  • We inform our guests about the hygiene and safety measures. In the event of non-compliance, we will exercise householder's rights.
  • Equipment used by staff, such as telephone handsets, keyboards and mice, credit card terminals as well as desk and counter surfaces, are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Measures in conference rooms

  • The maximum number of persons per seminar room permitted by the safety measures is not to be exceeded.
  • Seating in the conference rooms is arranged in accordance with the minimum distance of 2 metres.
  • Articles such as guest folders, pads, ballpoint pens and flyers have been removed from the conference areas and are available on request.
  • A station for hand disinfection is provided in the area used for breaks. On request, we also provide disinfectants in the rooms.
  • Catering is provided for conference participants in individual covered portions.
  • The coffee machine is disinfected after the breaks and at the end of the conference. Disposable gloves are available.
  • The public restrooms can only be used individually and are professionally cleaned and disinfected several times a day (toilet, door handle, water tap, soap dispenser, toilet brush handle). New cleaning cloths are used for each restroom. Soap dispensers, disinfectants and disposable towels are always available.